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YARD SKUNK CelebrationS!

Cute skunks are fun for any special occasion! Nothing says I love you like the skunk cartoon character Pepe Le Pew! Constantly in search of love perhaps he found these darling little skunks out sniffing flowers! Happy Anniversary, I love you, Happy Birthday, a Stop and Smell the flowers message, are all great occasions for these little darlings! Maybe you need to celebrate some stinky milestones in life or a stinky milestone birthday, or maybe a situation that really stinks and someone special needs to be lifted up! Like Pepe’s happy spirit, say “I love you anyway!” with a yard card greeting! What better way to spread happiness than with these cute stinky guys!

Black and white cartoon skunks sniffing pretty red flowers with yellow centers. They are all ready to go to your yard greeting to your family or friends for that special celebration. They arrive with additional red flowers too – so stinking cute! We can also put out some red hearts to add to a love theme.

sample suggestions for signs

Love stinks!
Ah, L’amour!
Love is in the air!
Happy Stinkin' Birthday!
It Stinks to be 50!
Happy Birthday Stinker!
Happy Birthday You OLD Stinker!