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Yard PENGUINS Celebrations

Penguins are the coolest animal on the planet! They are able to live in the extreme cold in the southern hemisphere. It is common to find them on the ice and even playing on the icebergs found there and how delightful to find them in South Texas in your yard playing! Their funny gait causes smiles, and their extreme ability to swim is astonishing! Admired by most you can’t go wrong with these cute little guys! Ice Fishing, waddling with gifts and eating snow cones these little guys are a welcome sight to our warm days! Cool someone off by celebrating with this great yard greeting! Young or old we all love Penguins!

Did you know that when a penguin finds a mate they stay together forever? What better way to propose or just tell your love how much you love them than with Penguins! “Will you be my forever Penguin?” To show your love we can add hearts to this display as well! For Birthdays we can add balloons, candles or presents to this display to make a great birthday presentation! Great for a retirement flocking as well-enjoying retirement just playing around and chilling out.

sample suggestions for signs

It’s COOL to be 10!
It’s COOL to be 50!
CHILL OUT! You are only 40!
Have a really COOL 40th!
Happy Birthday to (Name)
Born in the Ice Age!