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Fun Getting Old Road Sign Yard Cards

Fun “getting old” road signs will give your honoree a good chuckle. Large signs are combined with small signs to give the display depth and we can add in balloons and a small happy birthday cake as well! Balloon signs, and of course your choice message using the lawn letters or letter board to add to your celebration’s display!


  • Bumps, sags & ripples
  • Soft shoulders stiff joints
  • Danger falling body parts
  • “No” (crossed out) birthday cake
  • Welcome to over the Hillville
  • Elderly person xing sign
  • Stop, nap, shuffle stoplight (2)
  • Yield to aches and pains
  • Stop aging
  • Reading glasses required
  • Youth – No Turning Back
  • Stop Breathe
  • One Way
  • Stop Ahead (2)
  • Rest Area (2)
  • No left turn
  • Do not enter
  • Road closed
  • Merge
  • Detour

Over time, some of these signs might be updated, but "the message" is the same!

sample suggestions for signs

No Turning Around, Now! (name) is 60!
(Name) has Crossed the Line! He is 60!
Speed Limit 60! Oops! (name) just went over!
60 is just a Bump in the Road!
Hi Ho Hi Ho is over the hill
Over the hill (Name) goes!
When they tease you about your age,
beat them with your cane!