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Yard Flamingo Celebrations! Don’t give flowers! Give a Flock!

Oh Flock! Our signature yard card! Flocking is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Loved by all, these cute guys come in a flock of 24 to greet your loved one or friend for a special occasion!

Birthday Flockings! Anniversary Flockings! Welcome Home Flockings! Any Flocking occasion! The occasions are endless!


We also do Aggie Flockings! Yes, maroon and white flamingos can adorn your yard for that big Aggie game! Or in your friend’s yard for that big Texas loss!
(If you dare!) Fun for all, these Aggiemingos can adorn your yard! Just ask!

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Leis flamingos

Flamingos can come dressed in Leis, too! $10 extra.

sample suggestions for signs

Oh Flock! (Name) just turned (Age)!
The flock’s in shock! (Name) is (Age)!
Holy Flamingo (Name) is (Age)!
We’re tinkled pink to hear
It’s your birthday!
You tinkle me pink! I love you!
Paint the town pink!
It’s (Name) bachelorette party!
The flock is shocked! (Name) graduated!

Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact us and we will put our creative little bird brains to work, designing just the right flamingo flock for your celebration!