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YARD CUPCAKE CelebrationS!

Show your loved one that they are the icing on your cake! Or just send cupcakes to a friend’s yard to brighten their day! Tell someone Happy Birthday! There are lots of reasons to celebrate with cupcake yard greetings! And who doesn’t love cupcakes? What a sweet surprise for your loved one and no calories either!

24 adorable colorful cupcakes, each with a birthday candle and almost 2 feet tall will adorn the yard greeting! A birthday celebration comes with a large Birthday Cake that will wish your special person a happy birthday. We can add presents and birthday candles, or balloons, or for more ideas, take a look at our add-ons page to add more cheer to your yard card greeting! Don’t forget your sign too! Either yard letters or a letter board sign with the message of your choice!

sample suggestions for signs

Ain’t she sweet!
Sweet 16! Happy Birthday!
Sweetest ever!
Happy 5th!
You're my cupcake!
You take the cake!
A Sweet Treat for Stacy's 60th!
You are a beautiful cupcake in a
world full of muffins!
It’s cupcake o’clock!
You are the icing on my cake!