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Cow Celebration!

Holy Cow! Everyone loves cows – Why? Let’s face it! Cows are cool! Say Hello! Say Good Bye, Say Good Job, Say I love you! Cows are versatile!

Make any occasion better with a cow celebration in your yard! Mooooving in? Have new neighbors Moooving in? Mooving out? Mooving out to College? Mooving Up – Congrats on your Promotion! Cows say “Your Special”, “I’m thinking of you”, “I love you.” What better way to tell your special someone you’re thinking about him/her than to do so with a Yard Celebration cow herd!

These adorable yard card cows come to graze in your yard celebration 20 to a herd! These cute cartoon character cows are happy little dairy cows that will make you smile! We can add some flowers in the field, balloons, or hearts to add to the celebration. If it is a birthday celebration, you can get a large 3 foot Birthday Cow to join in the fun display!

sample suggestions for signs

Holy Cow you’re (Age) now!
Have you herd the moos? (Name) is (Age)!
Milk it for all it’s worth!
Party till the cows come home!
(Name) is (Age) today – That’s No Bull!
Have an udderly fabulous day!
Put out to pasture! Happy Retirement!
Herd you are Mooving In! (Out, Up)!